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Greetings All...

A quick heads up about the fantastic cans & bottles we have coming in this week.

Here’s what’s hitting our shelves on Wednesday and Thursday:

A welcome return for Weird Beard including 5 amazing dark beers: Dark Hopfler (2.5% dark milk ale), Black Perle (3.8% coffee milk stout), Double Perle (8% double coffee milk stout), Sadako Imperial Stout (9.5% waxed top 330ml bottle) and Sign of the Southern Cross (6.7% black IPA) plus 3 different pales: LTTK (3.9% session pale), Reformation (4% DDH Pale) & F.U.I.W.B.W.Y.T.M (9.3% DIPA)

More pales/ ipas/ dipas arriving in 440ml cans from these 3 wonderful breweries:

Verdant: Marylou 5,2%, Unknown Worlds 5.2%, Fruit Car Sight Exhibition 8%, Headband 5.5%, Neal Gets Things Done 6.5%, Bigfoot: Home from Home 6.5%

Deya: Into the Haze 6.2%

Odyssey: Them that’s not 5% & Baknaffek 7%

We’re getting a restock of Belgian beers, the usual suspects; Kwak, La Chouffe, Bruges Zot & Delirium etc

Greek Brewery Seven Islands have another two new Imperial Pastry Stouts, Moctezuma Hazelnut 13% & Rocky Road Fudge 12%. These should arrive by Thursday along with a re-stock of their NE DIPA Foggy Island 8%, (440ml cans)

And last but not least, 3 new ‘Waterbeach Weiss’ from Pastore; Raspberry & Strawberry 3.7% , Blood Peach 3.8% and Torta di Morello 6% (440ml cansw)

Even more new stuff coming next week, so another update then…. Cheers, Tim.

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