Cobbett’s is a small, independent Beer Shop since 2010, owned by Tim & Helen Sullivan. The Micropub opened in 2014

The shop is named after William Cobbett, a family ancestor, who was born in the “Jolly Farmer” in Farnham in the 1760′s.

Cobbett wrote a number of books, including “Cottage Economy” (1823), in which he gives the cottager information about how to brew beer. He deplored the growing practice of drinking tea (‘kettle slops’) and recommended that every cottager brewed and drank his own good beer.

Cobbett’s was born after Tim made a joke about having his own beer shop and Helen took him seriously.

"You never know what you can do till you try" 

William Cobbett

Tim and Helen




  • TIM

    Infamous for bringing a South London level of swearing to quaint Dorking, Tim refers to himself as the ‘Boss Guv Man’ while everyone else refers to him as the ‘Lairy Frontman’. Tim’s favourite pastime is spending long, leisurely afternoons in the pub, discussing the burning issues of the day and talking bollocks.

    Preferred flavour profile:

    Tim's favourite beers are IPA’s, the hoppier the better. He is often found wandering around breweries shouting “more hops”.


    Usually found glued to a laptop ordering funky and amazing beers, everyone knows Helen is the ‘real’ boss. When she manages to escape from the laptop and beer lists, she loves long dog walks in the Surrey Hills (followed by a pub lunch when possible) and issuing ‘to do’ lists (especially for Tim).

    Preferred flavour profile:

    Helen’s favourite beers are strong, chewy Imperial Stouts, particularly pastry stouts. She also loves pizza.


    The most hirsute of the team, it is rumoured that Steve grew his magnificent beard to keep warm during the many hours spent organising the cellar at Cobbett’s. He loves channelling his inner librarian whilst alphabetising labels and stock.

    Preferred flavour profile:

    One of Steve’s favourite beer styles is a Black IPA, preferably accompanied by a Pratchett book.

  • AMY

    Referred to as the ‘Bar Pixie’ by regulars, Amy is blessed with an artistic eye, and is at her happiest organising all our amazing beers on the shelves in the most aesthetically pleasing way, as well as making a big fuss over customers’ dogs. Amy helps Helen with the beer orders (especially making sure we have enough sours) In her spare time she makes her own candles and soaps, and loves eating Sushi.

    Preferred flavour profile:

    Amy loves sour beers, fruity or non-fruity (and the sour-er the better)

  • JAKE

    Jake has a ‘proper job’ at a London Brewery but still has time to be our ‘Sunday man’. Keen on all aspects of Beer (drinking it, brewing it), he’s currently getting his qualifications including the Cicerone beer Sommelier course. Jake enjoys discussing beer over a few pints, preferably alongside some amazing street food.

    Preferred flavour profile:

    Jake's current favourite beer styles are ‘old school’ brown ales and crisp German lagers.


    Always smiling and laughing, everyone loves Lorraine. Happy rolling up her sleeves and getting on with whatever needs doing, chatting with customers, she is also the queen of the double entendre. Lorraine is the perfect antidote to anyone having a bad day.

    Preferred flavour profile:

    Lorraine loves hazy pale ales and chocolate stouts.


Monday:    2:00pm - 8:00pm

Tue - Fri:   11:00am - 8:00pm

Saturday:   10:00am - 8:00pm

Sunday:      12:00am - 4:00pm



Email: team@cobbettsdorking.co.uk

Tel: 01306 879877

Location: 23 West Street,

Dorking, Surrey, RH4 1BY, England.

VAT Reg No: GB 111 4559 45

Company Reg No: 07239496


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