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Cobbetts Update...

Here’s a catch up on some of the new beers in this week:

A nice top up of new beers from BURNT MILL (all 440ml cans), ‘Skog’ (7% NEIPA, collab with Dugges) and ‘Idaho & Sabro’ (6.2% part of the Dual Hop IPA, part of the Gardens of Green series seeking the perfect hop combinations); as well as a re-stock of old favourite ‘Pintle’

(4.3% Pale)

We’ve got some new stuff in from SALT BEER Co. ‘Nelson Sauvin’ (4.8% Vermont Session IPA) and ‘Seersucker’ (4.3% Sour IPA) They’ve done a Xmas collab with Beer Paradise ‘Stingo Bells’ (7.4% Pannetone Stingo)

As usual we literally can’t get enough of Arbor, it comes in it goes straight out… but currently in stock we have a fair bit of Citrus Maxima (4%), Yakima Valley (7.4%), Motueka GF (4%), New Zipper (6.5%), Shambala (6.8%), Midnight Blue & My Little Sabrony (5%), Shangri La (4.2%) and Zero Zero (4.3%)

The ‘Christmas-sy’ beers and gift packs are going fast as you might expect. I’ll update you all on Monday with what’s still available and what our delivery schedules are up to and including Christmas Eve.

Beer of the week is: Seven Island - Moctezuma Hazelnut Imperial Stout (13%). It’s one of the best Impy Stouts I’ve ever had so I thought I’d share that with you before I buy up most of the stock for myself...

Cheers Helen.

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