KERNEL Vatted Porter 1864 7.2%

KERNEL Vatted Porter 1864 7.2%



This is called ‘Vatted Porter’ to emphasise the fermentation in wood: Fermented in one of Kernel's foudres (5000 litre oak vessel, ex Bordeaux red wine) to an 1864 Bass porter recipe. It's simultaneously light and fruity and dark and intense, an interesting tussle between the heft of the malt and the intentions of the denizens of the foudres (the foudres would have previously fermented our bieres de saisons / foeder beers & lagers / etc).  The aroma is deep dark chocolate and a touch of spice, whereas the body is fresh, and fruity with a raspberry like acidity, which balances with the malt backbone and roast malt bitterness.


330ml bottle